Very Selfish Prayer Request

I lost some hearing as a firecontrolman when I was a sailor. I have intermittent tinnitus that can be very debilitating at times. But that really isn’t a horrible cross.

The last two months though, I have been having aural hallucunations. What used to be pleasant periods with just diminished hearing and no tinnitus have been replaced. Now, when the high-pitched squeal is absent, I hear music. Usually orchestral scores reminiscent of Star Wars or Indiana Jones. Sometimes drumbeats and Indian songs.  Sometimes bluegrass.  Always faint. Always very real.  I have wasted entire mornings trying to figure out if a roommate left his stereo on low.  Early on I thought someone might be playing a joke on me.  I don’t think there are any Little People here because of urban development, and I don’t think I have given them any reason to be upset with me anyway.

I have come to realise it is probably the aural equivalent of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, where the mind fills a hole in the field of vision with an image, to cope with the gap in data, usually an outlandish image too.

Anyway, I have the ringing right now, and as much as I love music, I think I prefer the ringing.

  1. You may have musical ear syndrome sometimes also called pseudo-auditory hallucinations
    I am not a doctor. This is not a diagnosis. This is something you should discuss with a doctor. If you were a sailor, you might be able to do this through the VA. Musical ear syndrome is not mental illness though it can be confused with one because symptoms are similar. This might be treatable (see links below). I have no idea how to differentiate between actual AVH and pseudo-auditory hallucination.

    Some things to research:

  2. Yes, I should have mentioned it was informal consultation with an ED doctor I trust that left me with the impression that it is the audio corollary to CBS. Musical Ear Syndrome is not yet an official diagnosis, and so I hesitated to use that neologism.
    I am trained to recognise, but not diagnose, AH. This doctor did warn me that if it changes in volume and/or becomes a steady drum beat, it could be a change in my ear structure (I would be hearing tubulence of blood in the veinous return from the structure of the inner ear, possibly) and to get that checked out post haste. When I do hear drums, it is accompanied by singing, and it is very very faint.
    So thank you very much. I am not concerned about mental illness, though I will admit I was at first. Mood disorders run rampant in my family, but no cognitive disorders, thank God! That’s a family first no one wants to be!
    The reason I call it a very selfish request is because it doesn’t interfere with any aspect of life, but is a mere annoyance. But it is almost always there now.
    And do not worry, I have good insurance, so I am not at the ‘tender mercies’ of the VA at this time.

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