Nah, Modernity didn’t change anything…

Go read this article at the Independent.

Ten were either rulers of Nations, (or, in the case of the English, rulers of subsets of people within those nations.)  6 of those 10 were English, or conquerors of England. 1 was Russian. 2 were African. 1 was a ruler in India. The wealth of these men were the wealth of their peoples, and it was used, in the main, for their benefit. They were responsible for using the wealth of their people in responsible ways, for the good of the people.  Did they all do it well, or even try?  No, obviously not. (Meet Muammar Khaddafi of Libya).  But those who didn’t can be criticised rightly for failing in their duties. 8 lived before the modern era began. Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia, was deposed by civil war eventually leading to the establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Muammar Khaddafi was little better than a gangster, though he had the decency not to elevate himself to Flag officer, so that counts for something. I guess.

Thirteen were private individuals beholden to no one.  These men built personal fortunes.  Some did philanthropic work with portions of their fortunes, but this was charity, not fulfilling their duties to justice. 12 of the 13 were Americans.  1 is Mexican.  All are firmly ensconced in the Modern era.

We’re one short, aren”t we?  It was a family, some say THE family of Moderns: the Rothschild ‘dynasty’.

18 were countrymen of a sort, considering the relationship of the US to Britain.  None except the Rothschild, were from Europe proper.  There is much more to be teased out of this list, but my head aches from even trying.


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